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CFS InstructorsThe CFS (Chikara Fitness Systems) is a group fitness and conditioning class like no other…. No two classes are ever the same, as we pride ourselves on constantly changing your bodies movement patterns and don’t allow it to get into a routine. Our workouts are designed to continually keep your body guessing with workouts that will increase your strength, endurance, and your FUNCTIONAL FITNESS. Functional fitness (real world, useable fitness) is the ultimate goal in what we teach – we are helping you build a body that helps you live a fuller life and do the things you want to do in life and realise your true potential.

When you’re fitter the simple things that have held you back without you really noticing become effortless. Think about the last time you did one of these:

  • Walked up a big set of stairs
  • Walked up a steep hill
  • Ran for a bus or train
  • Carried the groceries from your car
  • Ran around the yard for more than five minutes with children
working out    outdoor training

Now think about how you felt before and after you did it… Puffed? Tired? Sore? CFS aims to put an end to those feelings and give you back your freedom in all the little things in life. You will feel stronger, you will look better, but most of all, you will feel more confident when you know you can rely on your body to keep up with your mind!

These classes are also an excellent fitness and supplementary training tools to the classes we already provide at The Shed, and these again give the students a chance to develop their fitness at a rapid rate.

All levels and experience in fitness can do the CFS classes, as the secrets in the scaling of the weights and the movements.  Everybody no matter how good they are now was once a beginner, and The CFS recognises that and helps everyone get to a level they never dreamed possible…

Contact us to ask about our  classes or 1 on 1 Personal Training Sessions!

Whether your goal is to test yourself in the ring, learn a new skill or just drop a few kilos,
we can help you reach that next level and push you beyond your expectations.


Ayla Vanderkruk

WHICH STYLES DO YOU DO? Zen Do Kai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE FROM THESE STYLES/MARTIAL ARTS? Initially, I started each style to gain more knowledge and explore what the world of martial arts has to offer. In the process, I have...

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Madeleine McMillan

CURRENT RANK: 2nd degree Zen Do Kai, 1st degree BJC Muay Thai, qualified personal trainer. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TRAINING FOR?  I have been training at Chikara for 8 years, along with my dad (Sensei Kerry) and two younger siblings. My first class at 13 years old was...

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Lachie Ross

CURRENT RANK: Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Black singlet in Muay Thai. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE FROM THESE STYLES/MARTIAL ARTS? I aim to become the most well rounded martial artist possible. I also aim to evolve as a person in the process. INTERESTS? I have an...

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