1012346_10151666285977248_798386886_nCurrent Ranks: 
Probationary 1st degree Zen Do Kai, 1st degree Krav Maga

Which styles do you do? Zen Do Kai, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, BJJ

What do you want to achieve from these styles? My goal is the same as it have always been, to be better. Better than I was yesterday, either a little bit stronger, or a little bit wiser; or both.1003880_10151692224596926_465671416_n

How long have you been training for? I began training in Zen Do Kai and Muay Thai about four years ago and quickly added additional styles to expand my knowledge.

What do you get from training at Chikara Martial Arts? Fitness and health, as well as a lot of confidence in myself. I have also made many good friends along the way.

unnamedHow did you get into training martial arts? It was always something I was interested in, but eventually it was the combination of Kyl and my brother Fynn pushing me to give it a go.

Any advice to new students or anyone interested in joining? Be confident, but not over-confident. Don’t assume you know everything.