I have just returned from the 2015 BJMA Sityodtong Muay Thai Tour which was an absolutely amazing experience not only on a Martial Arts level but all the new friends I have made in the process. I had a modified Thai fight in one of the bars on Walking street and managed to get the win  which was a great experience.

Current Rank: Black Singlet BJC Muay Thai Which Styles Do You Do: Muay Thai & Kids Zen Do Kai Karate a number of years ago Achievements: Late 2013 & Early 2014 I have competed in three WKA Full Contact Sparring Tournaments and have managed too win all of my fights, it is very tough and you have too train very hard too compete at that level. What Do You Want To Achieve From These Styles/Martial Arts: I love Martial Arts, It is not only extremely fun and fascinating but it also teaches you great discipline that you can use in everyday life and at the same time it is great for your health and fitness!10576924_800265359993813_729901093_n How Did It All Start: I started Zen Do Kai with Kyoshi Kyl Reber when I was about 7 years old and trained until I was about 11 years old, In that time I achieved the rank of a Brown belt. I then disappeared for a number of years and returned in late 2011 too start BJC Muay Thai and have been training ever since. Any Advice: Martial Arts is very hard, but with consistency and determination you can achieve anything!