terry hancockCurrent Rank:
2nd Degree Black Belt in Zen Do Kai
Green Singlet – Muay Thai

I would have to say that passing my 2nd Degree Grading in 2017 was an achievement in itself! Then, being awarded Bushido/Ishoa of the Year on the same day was the icing on the cake!

When did you start training?
I started training Muay Thai in 1998 with Kru Bruce Maile in Maryborough, moving across to train Zen Do Kai in 1999. Training with both (then) Sensei Bruce and Renshi Brad until 2002, I left Maryborough to start work in Brisbane. Unfortunately work and family commitments overtook until finally returning to train with Kyoshi Kyl Reber at the start of 2015, determined to change my brown belt into a Black Belt!
Four years later, I managed to change the colour of my belt and both of my daughters now train at Chikara Martial Arts, they (and I) are loving every day of it!

terryWhat do I want to achieve?
I believe that you never stop learning, and training at Chikara Martial Arts absolutely confirms this. From my very first training session, there has not been a day that I have not learnt something. Whether this was something about self-defence, tradition/history of martial arts, or (more recently) myself.
I want to be able to learn something every day and be able to pass on these things I have learnt to others. Chikara Martial Arts and Zen Do Kai certainly provides me with that opportunity.

What do you gain from training with Chikara Martial Arts?
I have not only gained an array of life-skills, but I have learnt how physically and mentally strong people really can be, pushing ‘limitations you never thought existed!’ I have stopped looking for the easy way out and push myself to improve.

Advice to new students or anyone interested in joining:
The hardest step is the first step through the door and onto the mats.Once you get past this, you will be open to a world of learning while making some life-long friends along the way.