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Chikara Martial Arts has been working at Corina SHS for the last four years teaching Years 10 -12 for one lesson a week. Students elect a sport and Chikara Martial Arts has proved to be extremely popular. The instructors, in particular Chris and Kyl, have worked closely with the students, both male and female, teaching them a variety of skills which has helped to improve their confidence and self-esteem. They are friendly, personal and related well with all students regardless of age, gender or ability. I have been extremely impressed with their professionalism and their encouragement and motivation of students. All lessons are interactive, hands on and challenging but student are never made to feel uncomfortable or out of their depth. I would highly recommend Chikara Martial Arts for schools to include in their program and look forward to many more years of a partnership with our school.

Carolyn Heaton

Corina State High School

In the short time since I started training I have met and trained with legends that I had only read about or seen on TV. Men like Soke Bob Jones and Soke Richard Norton, the men who created the style. To be able to speak with them and listen to how and why it all began and to learn about their lives and from their experiences is an honour and a privilege. One that very few Martial Artists of other styles will ever have. Men like Kyoshi Kyl Reber, Kyoshi Brad Ross and Kyoshi Bruce Maile. Men who have taught me what it means to be not only a true Martial Artist but how to be a better man. I am eternally grateful to call these men friend and brother.

Ian Dale

I would just like to thank you and the team Jono, Suado and everyone else who has helped me along the way to a healthy, more energetic lifestyle that I lead today! When I first walked into the shed around 9 months ago weighing a not so healthy 116 kg, unable to climb stairs without getting short of breath, lacking energy and motivation… Kyl once again thanks for listening to my questions and providing me with the answers to help me on my journey!

Rob Blackwell

Training at Chikara Martial Arts has taught me that I have the ability to achieve anything I set my mind to. It has taught me to have confidence in myself and that no matter how many times you think you have failed at something, never give up because eventually you will surprise yourself by doing what you set out to do and more.

Megs Kloske

14407725_1228791877141157_1043509872_nWhen we first started with Chikara Martial Arts, karate was going to just be a sport to help our 8 year old son with his coordination and listening skills. However, it quickly became more than that. Zen Do Kai has made a huge difference to his self-confidence, focus, concentration skills and self-esteem. Whether someone is 10, 20, 30 or older, you learn a lot about yourself, your abilities and respect for others. You realise that even if you fall, you have the strength to get up, and even if you fail, you become a stronger person from it. It's been very inspirational to watch young people giving it their all, being challenged by their teachers, supporting each other in the training, and reaching places that they never thought they could be.Thank you to all instructors, especially to Kyl, Linda and Jono. Thank you for the beginning of what will definitely be a longer journey for the little guy.

Alicja Judd

Jake & Mia

We cannot recommend Chikara enough. This place is not just somewhere to get fit but a community. The “shed” as it is commonly referred to has become a safe place for our kids and the head instructor a trusted and respected role model. Since starting school in 2013 our son experienced issues with certain children. We had encouraged him to try various self-defence classes and he finally agreed to give Zen Do Kai at Chikara Martial Arts a try. After the first class, not only was he hooked but so was his little sister. The changes in him have been nothing short of amazing. His self-confidence has grown, he is more disciplined and he has more respect for himself, his peers and authority. The Owner and Head Instructor, Kyoshi Kyl is a part of the daily operations of the Club (and it is a Club) and he has brought the best out in our children.


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