The Reber Review

Ep 8. “Resilience – Tolerance – Defiance”

I always have friends who don’t do Martial Arts wonder why the hell I subject my body to this punishment.  These days it’s usually chiropractors, physios and doctors when I go to them trying to “un-broken” myself. It’s kinda funny – there’s just no point explaining...

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Ep 7. “You Can’t Save Everybody – But You Can Try”

I started writing this review literally within an hour of learning that a friend and old student of mine had died.  It was like therapy for me.  I have had to come back to it and tweak it a bit.  It was probably too raw.  2 months or so down the track and I’m going to...

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Ep 6. “I want you to be Average”.

People must sometimes think by the statements and catch phrases I make in classes that I am not all there when it comes to coaching and getting everything in the right order.  First I have told my students in prior articles how much I want them to fail, now I want...

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Ep 5. Acceptance

I started writing this topic whilst I was overseas, and I am so glad I did as the timing of it in my club at the moment is perfect. I’ve just come back from our annual training trip in Thailand with the Bob Jones Martial Arts Annual Muay Thai training trip.  It was my...

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Ep 4. What is a Coach?

About 12 months ago I went to a seminar with an extremely good sport psychologist.  I won’t mention his name, but as far as Rugby Union goes, he would be very hated by the Australian supporters as a result of his efforts in the 2003 world cup with the English team. ...

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Ep 3. Its a question of time.

How many of us have either used that statement or have heard the phrase “If I had to do everything again, I wouldn’t change a thing”. I don’t mean to start this one on a negative note, but to me, that is the biggest load of crap. It’s just untrue. And here I’ll try to...

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Episode 2: Don’t hide behind your belt

I see this all the time, and it really saddens me sometimes.  Not for the instructor (which it usually is) who is hiding behind that rank, but for the students and peers of this person, as you can bet a lazy $20 they are more than likely going to end up doing the same...

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Episode 1: I Want You to Fail

I think when I say this to the kids especially; they get very perplexed as to why their coach wants them to fail? Why he wants them not succeed and meet their goals? But then I explain what I mean………… As adults, we are so afraid to fail.  If every person that came and...

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