CURRENT RANK? 2nd degree Black singlet in Muay Thai

WHICH STYLE DO YOU DO? Muay Thai and slowly transitioning into BJJ.

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE FROM THESE STYLES/MARTIAL ARTS? I want to be the best I can be..achieve and to push myself to limits I wouldn’t expect to reach in my life time..people say “the sky is the limit”..and that is what I am aiming for and also carry this journey to all aspects of my life.Wayne Ngariki

INTERESTS? Training and family..


ROLE MODEL/WHO ARE MY INSPIRATION?  My role model would have to be my grandfather..never tends to fail in anyway..always reliable and always has time for anyone and everyone one..I am thankful to say he paved my pathway to learn the art of hard work..always worked hard to provide for his family and made sure that his family lived a comfortable lifestyle..nothing was ever giving..just pure hard work..10458328_838476342847257_5207229063632254253_n


WHAT DO YOU GAIN FROM TRAINING AT CHIKARA MARTIAL ARTS? gain good coaches and team mates..secondly..good bunch of people who support each other inside and outside the gym..and gain more drive to succeed by the guidance that is provided.

HOW DID YOU GET INTO MARTIAL ARTS?  I walked into Chikara at a whooping 129kg..I started because I hated carrying all that weight around and like everyone else I watched the UFC..loved there training build up to there fights and thought I could do this..that looks easy….anyway..I started for the fitness and fitness only..but like everything else when you get addicted to something..addiction turns into love and love turns into a this new lifestyle I stand at 86kg and never felt better..and still climbing my way up with the guidance Chikara offers.

BEST ADVICE GIVEN TO YOU AND BY WHOM?  “whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuohu me he maunga teitei”..”Aim for the highest cloud and if you miss it, you will hit a lofty mountain”..this is a proverb from my Maori people that encourages one to strive, to set goals and to persevere.

ANY ADVICE TO NEW STUDENTS OR ANYONE INTERESTED IN JOINING? First thing I was told when I first started was to “leave your ego at the door”..not needed at all..just bring you..we cater to all walks of life..whether you’ve had a past injury that may limit someone who is looking at losing weight..give it a try..I can tell you now..the worst that will happen is you will be drenched in sweat..and most of all you will have fun doing it.